Sahaii Ingleton

I acknowledge that in this pandemic time of nursing shortages and overworked staff, all healthcare facilities are plagued with consequential issues. Nonetheless, we were blessed to have our family member in this rehab facility. The marketer, T, promised that we would be working with a great leadership team. Well, as a team, they over-delivered. Unlike the facility we transferred from, Sunrise understood that a patient with a poststroke neurocognitive disorder would present challenges to the staff, and they did not shy away from accepting the challenge. They earned our grace from Day-1 and a positive relationship began. Our family was unprepared and overwhelmed by the health crisis. The leadership team provided family-centered care through unwavering respect, transparency, guidance, and responsiveness. We will be forever grateful to Charmaine, Veroni, Doris, Odeth, the therapists, and the varied staff members that positively crossed our path. Our family member is on his way to an excellent recovery and this facility must be credited for their hard work in this process. Sunrise Health & Rehabilitation Center, we thank you.

Dr. Stephen Forbess

This place is incredible. The staff in the F wing were amazing with my mother-in-law. Dr. Galindo, the nurses, therapists, aides, and social workers were exceptional. They were very professional, caring, on top of things, helpful. They became part of my family as they cared for my mother. Communication, support, and concern were incredible.

Arelis Noonan

Great place. Really nice people.

Casandra Constant

This center is truly amazing. This is a special thank you from Lourdes (Elita daughter) and granddaughter. The way they take care of their patients is beyond amazing and I am truly grateful for them. The nurses, CNA, social workers and literally the entire staff makes it their duty to care for my grandmother who was diagnosed with COVID earlier this year. A special thank you to nurse Natasha and Rosita and the G-wing unit for everything you guys do! 10/10 would recommend.

Millie Gil

Words can’t describe the care, compassion and service of the wonderful staff!